Fundraising Or Groups

Fundraising -  You can book a half or a whole house and make money for your organisation.

GROUPS - you can book a night out at a special price for
LADIES' DAY between Aug 12 -26 2017 


Company Theatre offers your group an evening of theatre.  Purchase tickets from Company Theatre at different prices, depending on the size of your group. SEE BOOKINGS page for phone numbers to book or make more enquiries directly  

Standard Ticket prices are $25 a seat, with $20 for Seniors, plus booking fees.

For groups of 12 to 49 it is $20.  

For groups of 50 (and any number over 50 up to 99)  it is just $15. 

If you would like the whole theatre for your group, we offer $12.50 per seat. Our seating capacity for this is 110.

Conditions: All group bookings need to be paid in advance. Minimum payment for a whole house is $1250.  Minimum payment for a half house is $750.  (Please note that seats sold above your minimum will be charged at the same rate eg if you sell 105 seats, it will be $12.50 x 105.)

Bring your own supper and Company Theatre will set it up for serving in the interval.

Our house bar sells quality wines by the glass.  

Any general questions on fundraising, contact The Manager  at The Rose Centre Theatre on 445-9900, 9 - 4pm weekdays. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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